The History of Ivy Hills ~

What is today known as Ivy Hills Country Club was once a combination of both farm land as well as an active gravel quarry.  In late 1988, Cincinnati resident and local home builder, Mike Zicka, bought the 150 acres with plans to develop the land into an upscale residential country club community.  In 1990 he hired the services of a young and innovative course designer, Steven Smyers, to design and oversee the construction of the 18 hole championship golf course.  Ground breaking took place in the spring of 1990.

Under the development of Zicka-Walker Homes, The Ivy Hills Community consists of four residential neighborhoods that together make up the "resident membership" base of the club.  Although you do not have to live within Ivy Hills community to be a Member of the club, residency does carry membership obligation...  All together, the four individual neighborhoods; The Clusters, The Villages; The Sanctuary and The Estates of Ivy make up about 40% of the clubs membership base - in other words, most Members do not live within the Ivy Hills Community.

Official "Opening Day" took place on July 4, 1992 and the club flourished in the years to follow.  Once the developer had sold all 289 homes within the Ivy Hills Community, the club changed ownership hands in 1997.

In the 15 years to follow, Ivy Hills did change ownership multiple times until the club was fortunate to
have been purchased in 2014 through a partnership of two resident members who share a common goal and vision for the club.  These individuals care deeply about the club and together they believe Ivy Hills plays an important role in the success of our community.

As they say, the best is truly yet to come...